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What if there was a artificially created biological brain ?

No training algos,no more huge data to feed and no more building a complicated neural networks,had we a artificial biological brain.A brain developed in labs but similar to Human brain.The idea looks great.Isnt it? In movies we have seen them ,experienced them.But in real life is it even possible to mimic human brain to near perfection.If it was possible,it could have solved problems like health issues due to malfunctioning of brain,improper brain development etc.But i am keeping fingers crossed and praying to Almighty that such a positive thing is developed for the benefit of mankind..........
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Enhancing real time security using AI

Just imagine this.Ok no need to imagine.The harsh truth is : The world has become so unsafe.And cost of reliable and dependable security systems is high but there is a huge gap in our expectations.
These security systems are simply analogue(most of them used for home use),meaning they need a human intervention or monitoring.
So how about a AI enabled system which will replace your security staff or rather augment his powers.That's exactly is the need of the hour.A simple reliable AI-based security camera monitoring system which will tell who are the intruders,will recognize potential threats by searching a database and using image recognition and alert the user.Something thats learns by itself for every new day you have a new criminal in this world.
So ultimately a system with AI ,video analytics,smart tagging and data sharing with other similar IOT devices ( A kind of adhaar for security systems).
I read Intel is developing something similar.I am not sure if its available for us…

The Great Indian Electric Dreams!!

The fossil-fuel based auto industry is getting a complete makeover.And with electric ambitions growing stronger each day,every automobile company is coming up with an electric car version.We have already seen Tatas and M&M taking a big leap towards this.How does this affect the Indian consumer sentiment when they plan to purchase a new car?With news of electric cars making round,will the customer delay the buying decision.Also ,there seems to be some lack of clarity as to what will happen to old cars once Electric vehicles start replacing them.So whoever comes up with a cost effective electric cars/vehicles is going to be the clear winner.Making electric vehicles is only a part of the big task,providing the necessary infrastructure (charging stations,Service Stations etc.) is the remaining big portion.Anyhow lets keenly await the next big revolution in India.

Update: Read an article in leading financial daily where in the Mercedes-Benz chief had called India to introspect the Ele…

Is the world heading to Humans becoming Robots and Robots becoming Humans!!!

Humanoid robot Sophia is making headlines everywhere.When you look at the interviews given by this amazing piece of Artificial Intelligence,you sometimes wonder "Are these robots really becoming human?".
Though that might sound good for the society if these humanoid robots can provide support to elderly persons or do some mundane tasks humans shy away from doing.But it does not really sound good for humans when the process of Humanoids achieve goals closer to being humans,and in the process Humans are becoming robots.Humans are now working like robots.Even emotions seem to have gone from some humans.No smile.No love.No compassion for fellow beings.Sometimes you wonder whether that person driving a car (despite being a human) is actually a Human Being,for he has hardly any respect for fellow citizens when he rash drives.A Robot may replace you at your job.Worse it looks like it may soon even be substitute for real humans.Now there are so many close relatives of Robot Sophia,fo…

The New Nokia set for a comeback !!

Once upon a time we had a brand of mobile phone called Nokia! The once leader of mobile phones had a poor brand connect under Microsoft.Now the company called HMD Global run by many veterans have bagged the exclusive license to use the Nokia brand for 10 years from Microsoft.

The Nokia under HMD already has generated lot of hype with people awaiting its launch in India where Nokia had a great brand following.Nokia brand is associated with simple,easy to use ,rough use phone.Every Indian swears on its battery life.Even now many use Nokia as a second phone for their calling purpose whereas smartphone is for Whatsapp,etc.

With the new launch lets see how the Nokia will set its future and how the smartphone users in India will accept the new Nokia phones with android technology.

Ambassador gets a new owner....Will Peugeot score with its new Brand Ambassador!

It was an iconic car of India.Though it looks bulky without the curved shapes of modern day cars,Ambassador is just out of shape.But never mind the amby is never out of mind.As a chariot for high profile office bearers (PM,MPs,MLAs etc) sometime ago,Ambassador was an iconic brand.

Even when the royal family from gulf had visited Kerala recently,the Prince traveled in an ambassador.Thats the brand value ambassador has.With the new owner at its helms,lets wait and watch for a remodelled ambassador to appear soon on indian roads and making a stylish comeback like our super star Rajinikanth.Never old for style & young at heart.....

KSRTC to get an image makeover with blue color

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is one of the oldest state run public bus transport services in India.KSRTC is also popular by its old nick name 'anna vandi'(Elephant vehicle) due to its logo.
(image courtesy: wikipedia)

Under heavy financial losses ,KSRTC is a jumbo that nobody wants.Many hate it for their poor services ,unreliable timing,the government wants to avoid it for its a loss making unit and the competitors( private bus owners) want them off the road as still some routes in Kerala are exclusively for KSRTC and private bus owners are losing an opportunity.

Recently government has decided to change the color of KSRTC from the historical 'red' color to blue.

Lets see how much blue color can add value to the brand 'KSRTC'.......