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The New Nokia set for a comeback !!

Once upon a time we had a brand of mobile phone called Nokia! The once leader of mobile phones had a poor brand connect under Microsoft.Now the company called HMD Global run by many veterans have bagged the exclusive license to use the Nokia brand for 10 years from Microsoft.

The Nokia under HMD already has generated lot of hype with people awaiting its launch in India where Nokia had a great brand following.Nokia brand is associated with simple,easy to use ,rough use phone.Every Indian swears on its battery life.Even now many use Nokia as a second phone for their calling purpose whereas smartphone is for Whatsapp,etc.

With the new launch lets see how the Nokia will set its future and how the smartphone users in India will accept the new Nokia phones with android technology.

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Ambassador gets a new owner....Will Peugeot score with its new Brand Ambassador!

It was an iconic car of India.Though it looks bulky without the curved shapes of modern day cars,Ambassador is just out of shape.But never mind the amby is never out of mind.As a chariot for high profile office bearers (PM,MPs,MLAs etc) sometime ago,Ambassador was an iconic brand.

Even when the royal family from gulf had visited Kerala recently,the Prince traveled in an ambassador.Thats the brand value ambassador has.With the new owner at its helms,lets wait and watch for a remodelled ambassador to appear soon on indian roads and making a stylish comeback like our super star Rajinikanth.Never old for style & young at heart.....

KSRTC to get an image makeover with blue color

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is one of the oldest state run public bus transport services in India.KSRTC is also popular by its old nick name 'anna vandi'(Elephant vehicle) due to its logo.
(image courtesy: wikipedia)

Under heavy financial losses ,KSRTC is a jumbo that nobody wants.Many hate it for their poor services ,unreliable timing,the government wants to avoid it for its a loss making unit and the competitors( private bus owners) want them off the road as still some routes in Kerala are exclusively for KSRTC and private bus owners are losing an opportunity.

Recently government has decided to change the color of KSRTC from the historical 'red' color to blue.

Lets see how much blue color can add value to the brand 'KSRTC'.......

When big data lend its hand to mine financial transactions of an entire nation!!

You hear it everywhere now a days.Big Data,Analytics.This time after demonetisation,government wanted to identify for patterns and find possible law breakers.And where did they turn to.Yes Big data.GOI recently decided to dig deeper into all financial transactions that happened after Nov 8th across India.

Just imagine the amount of data that had to be analyzed ,amounting or even surpassing crores of transactions records at various Banks.The power of parallel low cost computing with advance real time analytics tool made it possible to mine for data.Lets wait to hear the results of the mission sooner and interesting insights about the monotonous transactions that happened!!

Football in Kerala and hidden goldmine

Its raining goals -The Match against Mumbai has turned disastrous for the Kerala Strikers.They are five down .But that doesn't matter as far it is for the football lovers of Kerala.

Number of Twitter followers of the Kerala Strikers have crossed 3 million and people love football here,In 2017 we have youth world cup ( U17) coming up at Kochi....That will be awesome.

Football remains the next hidden gem for marketing..Brands like Quaker oats have already cashed on the brand value of football.

So the question is will the football ,especially the upcoming world cup turn to be a goldmine for Kerala ? In terms of opportunities in this space and prospect of economic development a major sports event can trigger,

Updated : Kerala lost but after a tough battle to Kolkata in the final match played at Kochi .Never mind real brave effort till last moment.

Amazing data! -modelling a person's character is very easy in today world

Amazing data! -modelling a person's character is very easy in today's world

Data today is freely available.Sometimes its is intentionally put by the person for some specific purpose(Say for example a resume or a facebook post) or most of the time it is just an accompanying data(Data logs,last logging status,last place shown the person have been etc)

These accompanying data can sometimes picturize a person's character .Say for example by seeing a person's last status on whatsapp like app ,it may be possible to find a trend and find out the person's daily routine time(What time he/she gets up,goes to bed ,etc)

Was going through some education loans portfolios that have gone bad and found an interesting trend.The loans given to persons pursuing a specific course in a particular area have gone bad.What does this indicate? Its only an indication that the loan given for a specific study/course in a particular area tend to go bad because either the person who is pursui…

Few Lessons from road side vendors

There exist few road side vendors who sell products at Edapally junction ( A busy junction in Ernakulam in God's own country Kerala) .I watch them each time I pass through the place.
These people are migrants from North India.And they are a part of a Family.The Husband,wife ,Kids everybody is selling some products.And what made me observe them closely.I learnt some great marketing lessons from them.They do not have even basic educational qualifications but are great entrepreneurs.
What do they sell ? They sell different things - for example sometimes they are selling umbrellas when its monsoon time.When the Government banned sun films on cars ,they were seen selling sun protection covers that could be easily hooked to your car windows and could be easily detached.

Few lessons I learned from them.
Be innovative : They innovate ,for they understand the customer's requirement and bring to tables the products they want. When its time to rain(Just before monsoons) , they will be se…